Sustainable Design Morning

Sustainable Design Morning
3 CPD NatHERS Technical

Sustainable Design Morning

13/10/2022 10:00 AM- 1:00 PM AWST



Sustainable homes are not just a fad, and climate change is not something that will be solved by ignoring it. It is clear that Australia and the world must head towards a low carbon future, and the sooner we act to reduce our carbon footprint the better for society and our world.

Through careful design decisions, sustainability strategies and the right products, you can be confident that the products you specify into projects comply with leading building rating tools and make for a comfortable, energy efficient places to live and/or work.

Join a varied group of speakers for a mini sustainability morning where they will show us what they do and how their innovative ideas, products and services will help you design and produce eco-friendly homes.

Join us on 13th October from 10am – 1pm at the Homebase function room for presentations and product demos/samples. Lunch will be provided during the networking session at the end.

Presentations by:

Keith Hutchings

Keith Hutchings is the founder of the Comfortable home Project, He has spent the last 8 years working to promote energy efficient housing as a part of the solution to climate change by helping people to know that they have the option to live better. Some have suggested that he is obsessed with the idea.

Discussion of the day - Three reasons why you should NOT live in a passive solar designed house (A slightly cheeky look at better design)

Build it Eco

Builditeco develops and manufactures wall, floor, fence and ceiling products for the Australian building industry. We take pride in simplifying the architectural and construction phases of building projects by offering unique, lightweight products that increase productivity without comprising on performance.

Environmentally Friendly
Architecturally Sound
Building Efficiency
Stylish Finishes
Durable & Dependable
Proven Performance

Speaker - Tamati Young, Sales Manager

Favourite Quote: Continued failure is the motivator to find success.

What is something builders/owners must deal with that you want to fix? Trying to find a product to bridge the gap between a cost, time, and quality subfloor solution.

Hemp Squared

Hemp Squared focusses on Research and Development of industrial hemp-based building products and the manufacture of hemp blocks. They work with community, companies, local and state government to educate of people on the uses of hemp-based building products whilst working towards a national standardisation of the product and their use.

Speaker - Engineer and entrepreneur Iggy Van founded Hemp Squared in 2019, because he was determined to address the lack of sustainable building materials in Australia. Iggy & Bec will discuss how hemp building products contribute to sustainable design/building, their plans for sustainable social housing modules and sustainable manufacturing.

Plico Energy

Plico offers Solar + Battery solutions on a low weekly fee, with 10 years of service and maintenance - allowing homeowners to access renewable energy without the big upfront cost. Plico systems future proof homes to support the transition to full electrification, with EV's and other smart appliances, while lowering reliance on grid electricity.

Speaker – Tyler Jackson has worked in renewable energy sector for the past 5 years, with a passion for innovative technology that will assist with the transition to cleaner energy and more control for households. Tyler is the Sales Director at Plico, training and educating the sales team on the benefits of solar + battery solutions and how these appliances will become pivotal in the way residential homes generate, store and use electricity.  





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