Structural Insulated Rammed Earth - Future Ready Ecology

Structural Insulated Rammed Earth - Future Ready Ecology

Structural Insulated Rammed Earth - Future Ready Ecology

25/03/2021 10:00AM


Meror Krayenhoff - SIREWALL Consulting Inc

I began my adult life as a hippy.  I learned how to integrate my peace and love aspirations into the built environment through my incarnations as laborer, carpenter, general contractor, designer, subtrade, developer, international consultant.  I'm inspired by leaving buildings for our 200 yr (7th generation) descendants that are a gift, not toxic waste.  I am the inventor and founder of SIREWALL, which has been featured in projects by Foster & Partners, Arcop, Dialog, etc.  Two of our projects have won at the World Architecture Festival.



The SIREWALL System starts with secured reusable forms that are filled with a mixture of damp earth. The soil blend, once compacted, creates structural rammed earth walls that will last several lifetimes without the need for maintenance.  

It is more accurate to say we design ecosystems than we design buildings.  From that perspective, we can make choices that line up with our values more than how many square feet with what features.  SIREWALL can play an integral role in ecosystems that can survive the future ravages of climate change.  The buildings we build today will be asked to deal with tomorrow's climate, not today's.  And such buildings fare better today.


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