New Release: AccuRate Sustainability Tool V2.4.3.21 

Dr. Zhengdong Chen and the CSIRO Energy Team have completed development of the AccuRate Sustainability Tool V2.4.3.21. This is now available from the Energy Inspection website for current AccuRate users to download and install.

Assessors are asked to transfer to the new software version as soon as possible, as the use of AccuRate Sustainability (SP1-SP4) will expire on 1 August 2020, unless the project already has an existing  NatHERS certificate.

As a reminder, the National Construction Code 2019 came into effect on 1 May 2020 (with some state and territory variations being applicable) regardless of which software version is used. This means new heating and cooling load limits for the NatHERS compliance pathway (ABCB Standard 2019.1) may apply.


  1. AccuRate Sustainability V2.4.3.21 includes Shared Basement Carpark and Corridor zones. Both
    Shared Basement Carpark and Corridor zones are not conditioned.
  2. AccuRate Sustainability V2.4.3.21 now produces a NatHERS universal certificate with a new
  3. Three Assessor Accreditation Organisations (AAOs) can now be used with AccuRate, i.e. ABSA,
    Design Matters National and HERA.
  4. Chenath engine v3.21 in AccuRate Sustainability V2.4.3.21 now incorporates a new air flow
    model which can handle horizontal openings in a floor height different from the zone floor
  5. Chenath engine v3.21 in AccuRate Sustainability V2.4.3.21 now incorporates a new edge
    insulation mode


  1. The heating energy display title in the Energy Use page had been mixed with the cooling energy
    display title. This is now fixed.
  2. Automatic naming of external wall, floor/ceiling and roof construction had resulted in "Not yet
    identified" error message. This bug is now fixed. If the software cannot recognise the
    construction, the construction description by the user will be used.
  3.  When there is only an insulation layer for the floor/ceiling construction, AccuRate had crashed if
    there were ceiling penetrations to this construction. This is now fixed.
  4. The pop-up window for new licence code did not show up when existing licence expired. This is
    now fixed.

To download now, click HERE and follow the instructions on the Energy Inspection website. NOTE: If you are upgrading from V2.3.3.13 (SP1- SP4) you will be prompted by the AccuRate Installer to uninstall the previous version. Before doing so we remind you that you should back up all your projects, custom constructions and glazing libraries so as to maintain these for transfer to V2.4.3.21. In addition, the following procedure will allow retention of the previous versions to facilitate the transition process and copying of libraries and project files to the new release:

  1. You can install multiple versions of AccuRate Sustainability on your computer by using the following
  2. Copy and Rename the existing AccuRate or AccuRate Sustainability program directory: say from
    c:\AccuRate to c:\AccuRateSustainabilityOld or AccuRateSustainabilitySP4.
  3. Again, for safety sake, you should make a copy of the content in the previous directory.
  4. Uninstall the previous version of AccuRate in Windows 10 by right-clicking on the Windows
    menu and selecting Apps and Features, then open the program name and choose Uninstall.
  5. Install the new AccuRate SustainabilityV2.4.3.21.
  6. Note the default directory for the new installation is C:\ AccuRateSustainability.

This above procedure does not remove the previous version. You can add a desktop shortcut for the previous version and Rename to differentiate from the newly installed shortcut. Say AccuRateSustainability V2.3.3.31SP4 and AccuRateSustainability V2.4.3.21. You can also rename the program directories accordingly.  Both installations can run simultaneously on the same machine.

Remember never to delete a previous program version. Ensure that you remove a previous version through Apps & Features in Windows 10 or Control Panel|All Control Panel Items|Programs and Features in earlier Windows versions. 


If you have retained your previously issued unlock code for V2.3.3.13 SP4 and the machine is unchanged, this code will still be valid for V2.4.3.21. Otherwise to receive an unlock code, complete the form on the following page:  Please allow up to one business to receive the code. 


Certificate credits purchased for V2.3.3.13 SP2, SP3 or SP4 will remain valid and roll forward for V2.4.3.21. Credits for version V2.4.3.21 will be introduced after 31 July 2020.


  1. For those existing projects with waffle pod floor constructions, please delete the waffle pod
    layer and reselect the waffle pod layer from the insulation material list for correctly modelling
    the waffle pod construction.
  2. Opening a file from a previous version will populate the Assessor Defaults (under
    the Configure menu) except for the Hstar password and the Declaration of Interest which must
    be re-entered. Other AccuRate Defaults, under the Configure menu will need to be reset.

Any questions? Contact Energy Inspection at