Members of the Building Designers Association of Western Australia (BDAWA) have voted in the vast majority to amalgamate with national peak body Design Matters National (DMN) which now has three Australian offices.

“Yesterday’s decision by BDAWA Members to amalgamate their organisation with DMN celebrates our shared values and our vision for building design in Australia. DMN has always shared a close alliance with the BDAWA and this amalgamation cements this long-standing relationship,” Ingrid Hornung, DMN President, said.

The union means DMN now has a local office in WA, managed by Hayley Sims, former Executive Officer of the BDAWA, and supported by Jason Saunders.

Peta Anderson, CEO of DMN, said, “We sincerely welcome new WA members to DMN and I look very forward to meeting them at our exciting events in 2021. We now have offices in Melbourne, Perth and Darwin to ensure we are available when and where our Members need us. “The benefits of belonging to DMN, the largest industry association in Australia, goes without saying, but serving our Members locally is just as crucial to maintaining confidence and being effective in what we do,” Ms Anderson said.

Pip Smith, President of the BDAWA, echoed these sentiments, speaking on behalf of BDAWA members.

“We’re really excited to unite with DMN. A national association just makes sense – it provides a stronger platform where we can all access greater opportunities, wider resources, and robust advocacy through a national voice. It’s strength in numbers, regardless of location.

“Our Members look forward to entering the DMN Annual Building Design Awards; having access to an extensive library of CPD educational training and borderless webinars; enjoying local, national and international immersive industry experiences; and benefitting from the exclusive online Portal where Members share advice and support,” Ms Smith said.

WA-based Members of DMN will take part in the DMN state and national awards; receive industry updates via regular newsletters and magazines; benefit from powerful advocacy at state and national levels; and join more than 2,000 professionals working in the built environment across Australia who choose to be Members of DMN.

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DMN is a leading professional body for 2,000+ Building Designers, Architects and related industry professionals. The association was formed in 1983 as the BDAV, and today unites eight branches of the built environment. DMN Members share a passion for better design and sustainability across the Built Environment. The peak body supports Members through networking, education mentoring and government advocacy programs Australia wide. DMN works closely with federal, state and local government to ensure the quality of building design is maintained at the highest professional and ethical standards.
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