Optimising Building Design to Reach 7 stars and Beyond

Optimising Building Design to Reach 7 stars and Beyond
CPD NatHERS Technical

Optimising Building Design to Reach Beyond 7 stars

30/05/2023 |  01:00 PM - 02:00 PM (AEST)



This webinar seeks to give Assessors the knowhow of how to carry out thermal optimisation and present improvement options to Designers to consider with their clients and implement into the plans, to ensure success at the NatHERS Compliance Rating at the end of the process to achieve building permit approval.

The webinar will:

I. Show Assessors how to undertake an Optimisation Report, and
II. Give Building Designers/Architects an understanding of what the software can do and what assessors can offer when they work with Designers in a consultancy role at Design Stage.

The need:

Very soon designs in many states will need to achieve a 7-star minimum to pass section H6P1 of the Australian Building Code when taking a NatHERS DtS pathway through the NCC.  

Current practice of thermal assessment at completion of documentation will often no longer assure that a design can meet compliance.  

This is particularly true for difficult solar constrained sites, and designs that have not considered passive solar principles from the outset.  

To ensure a project’s success, Designers should be making use of the NatHERS software/Accredited Assessor as a design tool, by getting a thermal Optimisation Report at Concept Stage while the design is still fluid.  

Learning outcomes:

Benefits of Optimisation Report
How to Optimise a Building Design  
How to create an Optimisation Report
How to work with Clients with the Report


Tristan Stanley-Carey 

Tristan is a WA based registered Architect and Accredited Thermal Performance Assessor. He has vast experience working on a variety of architectural projects, has consulted for energy compliance on a diverse range of projects from small additions, through apartment buildings to large commercial buildings. 
Tristan lectures at TAFE in drafting and building design, and sits on the DMN Technical Assessor Support Committee (TASC).
Tristan is the Energy Assessor partner of the winning WA State and National Student awards Team for the 2022 True Zero Carbon Challenge.


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