Assessor Upskill Now Masterclass

Assessor Upskill Now Masterclass
6 CPD NatHERS Technical

Assessor Upskill Now Masterclass

18/04/2024 1.00 PM - 5:00 PM AEDT


Event overview

Unlock the key to energy efficiency excellence by joining Upskill Now Masterclass, designed to empower participants with essential skills in interpreting architectural drawings and conducting precise energy assessments.
Developed to address identified skills gaps in the Design Matters National (DMN) Quality Assurance Review process, this online course is tailored for DMN members and non-members, suitable for all levels of Thermal Performance Assessors (TPAs).
Learn best practices in NatHERS software modeling, ensuring compliance with current technical notes, user manuals, and building codes. In this four-hour live session, hosted by industry leaders, participants will sharpen their abilities to identify, extract, and model elements of contemporary dwellings.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your expertise in a dynamic, interactive environment.


What previous attendees have said:

"The Design Matters TPA Upskill Masterclass is an excellent opportunity for both aspiring and practicing thermal assessor alike. A great program involving the best assessors in the industry that bridges theory and practice". Callan, Assessor since 2011

“The masterclass was great, and I got quite a lot of good new information out of the class, some items especially related to shortcuts in developing a rating were very beneficial”. Sue, Assessor since 2010

“The Upskill Masterclass is a great way to be reminded of small items that are easy to forget yet are necessary for an accurate result. I was also surprised in how many little items that were not taught (or I hadn’t comprehended) in the Cert IV course but were mentioned in the Upskill Masterclass. I will be doing an Upskill Masterclass for the first couple of years after accreditation as it’s a good way of keeping up skills or increasing skills, until competency is achieved consistently in all jobs I carry out”. Linda, Assessor since 2022

As someone who has been an energy rater for 5 years and working alone, the Upskill Masterclass was a fabulous program to both reinforce my previous learnings and teach me several new skills.  Matthew Graham is an excellent presenter and to not only have his expertise, but also that of other industry experts, was invaluable.  I took on this Masterclass with my CPD requirements already fulfilled for the year and it was definitely worth it. I highly recommend all assessors, new and experienced, to not only participate in the course, but also take the opportunity of having their skills peer reviewed”Deb, Assessor since 2017

The course consists of three elements:

Part 1 – two hour live interactive demonstration identifying, interpreting, extracting and modelling building elements to generate accurate, reliable and repeatable energy assessment reports.
Part 2 – one hour software specific breakout rooms where software specific modelling questions are discussed and demonstrated.
Part 3 – assessment of the Upskill Now demonstration drawing set and submit for review within seven (7) days. An 85% pass mark is required.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

• Confidently and quickly generate accurate NatHERS energy assessment reports and certificates
• Assess your own work to ensure accuracy and reliability
• Be prepared and pass future QA Reviews confidently
• Understand the application of the NatHERS Technical Note, relevant building code energy efficiency provisions and where to find product specification data
• Build your own reference library

3 x NatHERS Technical CPD points for participation in Part 1 and Part 2 of the course

3 x NatHERS Technical CPD points upon attaining the minimum pass of 85% on the assessment of the Upskill Now benchmarking drawing set.


Matthew Graham
Graham Energy

Matthew Graham is Principal of Graham Energy and an experienced subject matter expert in the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme. Matthew is a long-term accredited TPA, Trainer, TAC member and recognised Mentor in AccuRate, BERS Pro, FirstRate5 and HERO.

CPD Points:

  • 3 x NatHERS Technical CPD points for participation in Part 1 and Part 2 of the course. These points will be recorded in the DMN CPD Manager within 5 business days following the event.

  • 3 x NatHERS Technical CPD points upon attaining the minimum pass of 85% on the assessment of the Upskill Now benchmarking drawing set. These points will be recorded in Design Matters National Members' CPD Manager with 5 business days after achievement of 85% pass.

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