Off-grid Living - Virtual Tour of Sustainable House

Off-grid Living - Virtual Tour of Sustainable House

Off-grid Living - Virtual Tour of Sustainable House

23/03/2021 1:00PM


Michael Mobbs- Michael Mobbs Sustainable Projects

Michael Mobbs is a Sydney-based author and environmental consultant. He graduated from the Australian National University with a Bachelor of Laws in 1975 and then worked as an environmental lawyer for 19 years. Through this work he developed an interest in sustainability. Mobbs served as an Independent Alderman on the City of Sydney Council from 1985–1987. In the 1990s Mobbs converted his Chippendale home into a more sustainable house by modifying the water, energy and waste systems.



See the energy, water, recycled water and food systems at Sydney's Sustainable House that have operated since 1996 to support 4 and 5 person household for energy and water bills less than $300 a year

Since 1996, I have had energy and water bills of less than $300 per year - the house has been disconnected from mains water and sewer since 1996. In March 2015, I disconnected my house from the poles and wires of the main electricity grid, and since then solar panels and batteries have powered the house.

Let's problem-solve together - that's what I do to help you keep your dreams on track.  My passion is to empower others to take control of their sustainable living goals.
When we live partly or wholly off-grid we keep our lifestyle and use free energy and water from the sky, just like thousands of farmers do every day.
Since 1996, I've worked on hundreds of sustainable projects across Australia; from helping to develop local council and other government sustainability policies to residential and commercial projects and infrastructure.


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