AutoCAD 2D v Revit 3D - Using The Model Further

In this third session we will look at what we can do beyond using the 3D model for just creating 2D drawings. We will talk about high level Rendering and using the Cloud. Attendees will be able to watch as we create Walk Throughs in and around our 3D model house.

We will also look at shadow casting at set dates and times as well as animated ones covering a period of time. We will then look at how we can add Landscaping to our house plans.

Finally, we will look towards the future and talk about 4D (Duration, Timeline & Scheduling), 5D (Cost Estimation, Analysis, and Budgetary Tracking), 6D (Making a Structure Self-Sustainable & Energy Efficient) and 7D (Holistic Facility Management Information for Entire Lifecycle).
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Release Date
August, 2020
Glenn Berrett