Communicating Sustainable Architecture

Communicating Sustainable Architecture
Certified green buildings are becoming increasingly common, for both private developments and public projects such as museums and art galleries. As institutions invest in designs and technologies that save energy, it is worth considering what else the architecture can do. Through careful design decisions, green buildings could make the public more aware of sustainable design; offer solutions and positive news stories about sustainability; help educate about design and green building features; and contribute to a positive attitude towards the organization that commissioned the building.

- Green buildings can do more than save energy and water—they can be used to inspire the public about sustainability
- Some architectural features generate positive press more readily than others
- Educational strategies can be more creative and interesting than brochures
- Administrators of green museums need to have a basic understanding of the green systems to be able to communicate about the building to their staff and visitors

Learning outcomes:
- Think beyond the technical aspects of green design to using architecture to inspire
- Identify design decisions that can increase publicity and public awareness
- Understand institutional barriers to communicating about green design
Release Date
April, 2021
Georgia Lindsay