Defining and expanding “users” of public buildings

Defining and expanding “users” of public buildings

Clearly articulating who is using a building—and how—can help in programming and schematic design. While it is common to think of users in aggregate as people who come into the building, objects, the city, and even the larger environment can be considered users of buildings. In this presentation, I draw on my research on museums to articulate seven user types to consider in design.

- Clearly articulating various user types with clients and stakeholders can help clarify priorities for design
- This presentation offers a new way of thinking about who a building might serve
- Based in research on museums, I also offer insights to other building types

Learning Outcomes:
- Identify a range of users for each project
- Understand how explicitly taking different user types into account can provoke inspired design solutions
Release Date
April, 2021
Georgia Lindsay