Using Passive Solar Design Principles Now and in the Future

Using Passive Solar Design Principles Now and in the Future
Griff will share his extensive knowledge of Passive Solar Design (PSD) principles, understanding the interaction and interrelationship between the climate, building materials (lightweight and heavyweight materials), orientation of the building, insulation, air flow, glazing and shading. It is important to understand the volumetric storage capacity of mass materials in a building and their interaction with short/long wave radiation and convective transfer of hot and cold in relationship to the climatic conditions specific to the location of the proposed building. Griff will cover: how building materials interact throughout the various seasons; what building materials are best suited to store heat in winter and coolth in summer; the physics of passive solar design for our climate; how we and the buildings we inhabit interact with radiation, convection and conduction; and how to pull all the elements together to create stable temperatures year-round in a cost-effective manner. Griff will explain how to use PSD principles now and in the future to suit individual homeowners’ needs and requirements.
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September, 2021
Griff Morris