Inside thermal comfort: PMV: Understanding Thermal Comfort

Inside thermal comfort: PMV: Understanding Thermal Comfort
DMN Member and ADP Consulting Sustainability Consultant M Mahmudul assesses building energy performance, and performs sustainability consulting for the building industry across Australia. In this webinar, M Mahmudul will explore Predictive Mean Vote (PMV) which is the thermal perception of the building occupants. PMV is determined in accordance with ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 55. Australian National Construction Code (NCC) 2019 Section J has a requirement under performance solutions JV3 with PMV level -1 to +1 to achieve the performance requirement JP1. M Mahmudul will use a case study of a childcare building, conducted under Section J 2019 JV3 and PMV Assessment, to identify the ins and outs of the PMV. His presentation will highlight how PMV would be:

• Modelled in a commercial space
• Considered in design, and
• Monitored in post-occupancy stage.
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September, 2021
M Mahmudul