How to Detail plans so the builder builds it to perform Pt.1

How to Detail plans so the builder builds it to perform Pt.1
It doesn't matter how well you design a home to perform - six stars to 10; everybody knows, if it is not built to a standard to meet that performance, the energy efficiency potential will not be a reality on the ground. But don't blame the builder: they only build what’s on the plans, and nobody has taught them what the construction assumptions of the NatHERS system are, nor how to build tight with standard construction. Do you know? This is the first webinar in a two-part series by builder, energy rater and director of Positive Footprints sustainable design and construction, Jeremy Spencer, looking at what you need to put on your plans to achieve a performance outcome. This webinar goes over the construction assumptions inherent in the NatHERS system, and looks at the details you need to put on your plans to communicate clearly to the builder what needs done, so they can meet the thermal requirements of the House Energy Rating report, and your building can perform on the ground as it should. In this webinar, Jeremy will cover: detailing for building tight with standard construction; using plaster as the tightness membrane; junction detailing; wraps, breathability, and condensation control; and insulation detailing to avoid weak points.
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September, 2021
Jeremy Spencer