InspoExpo Renew

InspoExpo Renew
The Cost of Building a House in Australia: What factors are at play, and what’s the most affordable way?

Anna Cumming, Managing Editor of Sanctuary: modern green homes magazine, at Renew, is constantly receiving this question from her readers so, in this INSPOEXPO panel interview, Anna will seek answers from experts including:

• Simone Schenkel of Gruen Eco Design
• Marcello Belcastro of Marcello Build, and
• Ingrid Hornung of Designs For You, & DMN President

Join Anna for this in-depth discussion, touching on:

• How much it costs, realistically, to build a home, state by state;
• Factors affecting building costs, including COVID-19;
• Some possible avenues and approaches for achieving a house on a modest budget, including volume builds, owner building, tiny houses, modular homes and relocated homes; and
• How making sure your home is sustainably designed and energy efficient helps keep it affordable.
Release Date
October, 2021