Reduce Construction Costs (with these Non-Design Techniques)

Reduce Construction Costs (with these Non-Design Techniques)
Learn non-design techniques which can be used to minimise builders’ costs on every project you design. Based on research conducted with some of Australia’s most savvy building designers and architects, this one-hour session teaches you how to:

• Professionally generate the best build value for your clients using competitive, dynamic and best-practice work methods
• Expertly assess the builders’ market so you can precisely match the right builders with your clients’ projects (and budgets)
• Source lower cost estimates from builders with a little-known technique that’s entirely counter-intuitive – and even have the builder thank you!
• Dramatically reduce the number of re-designs you undertake and better manage client budget expectations
• Drive great value for your clients by avoiding particular tender types that needlessly push up build prices, and
• Access little-used, but freely available, market trend tools so you can reliably advise clients of builders pricing dynamics before you go to market.
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Release Date
October, 2021
Richard Armstrong