BERS Pro Best Practice Modelling Demo

BERS Pro Best Practice Modelling Demo
This webinar is aimed at BERS Pro assessor who are just entering the energy assessing industry or more established assessors who just want to review specific modelling scenarios, ending with an open informal Q&A.

Topics covered:

Best practice basic modelling demonstration – includes the following elements:
• Calculate floor height above ground level (how and why)
• Eaves and projections (calculating and modelling)
• Eaves – vertical offset
• Horizontal offset/length
• Courtyard screens and shading
• Horizontal split retaining walls / stacked walls
• Checking, adding, removing wing walls
• Accurately researching solar absorptance
• Interpret and model zones correctly
• Interpret and model floor coverings correctly
• Small air spaced (700mm rule)
• Minimum 1 x unconditioned space
• Permanent openings
• Correctly identifying and modelling to north point
• Window type, size and openability
• Modelling neighbours and shading
• Modelling ceiling penetrations

Learning Outcomes for Attendees:
• To develop a best practice structured approach to assessing.
• Learn to model some of the more challenging elements.
Release Date
December, 2021
Debbie Bute