Ins and Outs of the new BERS Pro v4.4.1.5 (3.21)

Ins and Outs of the new BERS Pro v4.4.1.5 (3.21)
This live demonstration will provide you with a personal step by step guide through the latest functionality changes.

These changes will aid you to provide quicker and more accurate energy assessment outcome.

Functionality changes to be discussed:
• Correct version and application information detailed
• Layered background plan image/s to remain within software between different users
• Button to centralise floor plan – adjust to show centre of background image
• Automated editable address finder to auto-populate address fields
• Google maps autofill via address finder Incorporated into Project Details and Overshadowing sections
• Window (glazing) button can remain active for multiple entries
• Door button can remain active for multiple entries
• Ability to save and edit Portal Certificate Comments
• Ability to save Assessor In-House comments for future reference
• Default 10% editable window openings for first floor or above levels
• Remove insect screens check box as was amended in a previous BERS version update
• Updated window tab to allow in order data entry from window head height to offset
• Latest WERS window data updated into software
• Load a BERS file from any location
• Prohibit older expired versions of BERS being able to simulate
• NatHERS Principles shading declaration mandatory requirement to simulate

Modelling to be discussed:
• Difference modelling in lightweight VIC / QLD construction compared to WA thermal mass construction
- Modelling brick cavity walls
- Modelling stud frame walls with an air gap
- Difference between lightweight and thermal mass construction
• Modelling an undercroft
• Splitting combined ceilings due to different ceiling types
• Worse case roof colours
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Release Date
February, 2022
Debbie Bute