Technology Week: The Chenath Engine - How it interprets Data

The Chenath Engine and how it interprets data and the influence that has on modelling techniques. Understanding of thermal modelling requirements, Importance of accurate data input (garbage in garbage out), Accessing additional modelling results and Additional analysis opportunities

1 CPD NatHERS Technical


The Chenath Engine - how it interprets data and that influence that has on modelling techniques.

Presented by Michael Ambrose from CSIRO along with DMN Panellists Tony Isaacs and Wayne Floyd, this will explore some of the history behind the development of the Chenath engine that is the core of each NatHERS tool. Presenter Michael Ambrose from CSIRO will explain the basics behind what Chenath requires to undertake a successful thermal modelling simulation of a design and the importance of aspects like orientation, window areas, shading and exposure settings. It will also cover the wealth of additional data that Chenath calculates and how it can accessed and used to take your analysis to the next level. It is not just about a star rating!

Webinar will cover:

History of Chenath
How does Chenath model
What data does Chenath need and why
Why we model in accordance with the NatHERS Technical Notes
Additional results that Chenath provides and what you can do with it
The presentation will be followed by a live Q & A session and discussion amongst the panelists

Learning outcomes:

Understanding of thermal modelling requirements
Importance of accurate data input (garbage in garbage out)
Accessing additional modelling results
Additional analysis opportunities
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Release Date
September, 2022
Michael Ambrose - CSIRO