7 Star NatHERS: creating affordable and appropriate housing

7 Star NatHERS: creating affordable and appropriate housing
Learn how to achieve cost effective 7 star plus home design. The webinar will demonstrate how to achieve what many believe is unachievable under the new NCC 2022 energy efficiency provisions. While it may cost more to modify “off-the-plan” this is not the case for “designed for site” options. And the benefits for the most important people in the process, the occupants, far outweigh the cost.

1 CPD NatHERS Technical


Who is the Department of Communities? 37,000 public housing assets and increasing – new builds and purchases of existing dwellings.
Homes are located across 5 different climate zones.
Our 7 star NatHERS program.
Our first build – what did it cost?
Costs per climate zone.
Challenges and benefits.
Next steps – NatHERS is not everything.

Learning Outcomes:

Mythbusting – what’s true and what’s not.
Volume builders can hit 7 star.
The challenges based on climate zones.
The benefits of assessors being involved early.
Anticipated savings – no on the ground experience yet.
We can’t rely just on NatHERS – there’s more to consider.
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You could save: 50.0%
Release Date
October, 2022
David Jones