INSPOEXPO - Timberzoo

INSPOEXPO - Timberzoo
Join us and Timberzoo as they run an exclusive interative tour of their amazing timber shed and yard.

Timberzoo presents:

An outline of the recycled timber process from salvage, through pre-production processing and machining to end products for sale.
Examples of projects incorporating recycled timber products
Truckloads of recycled construction timber arrive for de-nailing and then acclimatisation in our purpose-built Drying Shed. The timber is dressed or profiled to furniture board and lining boards and offered for sale in our retail Woodshed. Timberzoo regularly stock species such as Recycled Messmate, Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Mountain Ash, Blackwood and American Oak. Timberzoo also offer Ironbark, Forest Red Gum, Grey Box, Sugar Gum, Darwin Stringybark, Silvertop Ash, Jarrah and White Cypress
Release Date
November, 2022