INSPOEXPO - Ultimate Windows

INSPOEXPO - Ultimate Windows
Ultimate Windows began life in 2001 as a builder, frustrated with the local window suppliers holding up his projects and taking matters into his own hands. In an old tin farm shed at Ebden, 15 km from Wodonga in North-East Victoria, the builder had Capral Aluminium drive down his 3km driveway to deliver commercial aluminium profiles to unload them with his tractor (and their truck got bogged…), where he dragged his son in to help make windows for his building projects. A few years later, the decision to fabricate the Thermeco suite of products and invest in state-of-the-art software and machinery was made and Ultimate Windows was born. This presentation will cover: Factory walkthrough uPVC the material uPVC window benefits WERS ratings CAD files Passive House Accreditation
Release Date
November, 2022
Ultimate Windows