INSPOEXPO Interscale

INSPOEXPO Interscale
Interscale is a leading IT services provider based in Melbourne, offering a complete suite of IT services which have been designed specifically with your business in mind. Starting with your first engagement, you will begin to see first-hand how the team at Interscale approaches IT differently.

David Gerber, BIM/CAD Technical Consultant at Interscale, examines why it's time to investigate BIM, in this high-level overview. He will demonstrate how and why using BIM can help you work more quickly, and how BIM can help advance your career.

We will look at several methods where BIM is used throughout the lifecycle of a project. There will be something for everyone, with a focus on how you can use BIM and its data, cut down on inefficient workflows, and stay ahead of the curve.
Release Date
November, 2022