Position Yourself - Win Business & Profit with Keith Abraham

Position Yourself - Win Business & Profit with Keith Abraham
How to Position Yourself, Build Your Profile and Pitch Your Business in Light of NCC 2022 Provisions.

Ensure you profit from your work, rather than stressing over the constant struggle of price competition.

This advanced marketing webinar will provide you with a competitive edge based on value rather than price, enabling you to secure ongoing profitable and sustainable workflow.

Learn how to build your value so you can charge what you’re worth and maximise your profit margins and lower your stress levels
Learning Outcomes:

NCC 2022 brings significant changes and challenges to the industry - lean how identify the opportunities so you can leverage and capitalise on those changes to elevate your professional status, value and ongoing demand for your services.
Determine how to build trust, rapport and credibility with key prospective clients either face to face or virtually.
Identify how to capitalise on your Client database by using Keith's unique 10 x 10 x 10 Business Growth Formula.
Recognise the business growth opportunities within your existing current database, your local area and niche markets.
Walk away with specific strategies to leverage the NCC 2022 provisions as well as insights and ideas to position yourself as the leading authority.

Participants will receive:

4 x non technical CPD points
A comprehensive presentation workbook to print so you can create your own action plan and most importantly, take away key strategies to refer back to later.
12 month follow up email support service where delegates can email Keith with any questions for the next 12 months
A Toolbox of Personal and Professional Development Resources which include the following support tools: + Discover Your Passion eBook. + Subscription to Keith’s inspirational blog. + Access to download worksheets and templates you'll learn about during the presentation.

Link to the workbook: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5hrrb05cd1031k7/Design%20Matters%20Masterclass%20Workbook%20with%20Keith%20Abraham.pdf?dl=0
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Release Date
March, 2023
Keith Abraham