Getting job ready with CO-Architecture

Getting job ready with CO-Architecture
This webinar aims to equip students and graduates with valuable insights into securing their first job in a design practice, with a specific focus on how CO-architecture can be leveraged to enhance their career prospects.

• Who is CO-architecture?
• Gain an understanding of the design industry and the types of roles that exist within the market.
• Understand industry trends in terms of the skills and qualifications needed for a successful transition from study to practice.

Career Development & Opportunities
• Learn essential strategies and techniques to effectively prepare for job applications and interviews in the design (i.e. using CO-architecture portfolios, job board & professional profile)
• Understand the significance of networking and how to leverage connections in the co-architecture community to enhance career prospects.
• Acquire valuable tips for personal branding and positioning yourself as a desirable candidate in the design job market.

Q&A Session
• Discuss the challenges and obstacles that students and graduates face during the job search process and the transition between study and practice and learn how to overcome them effectively.
• Engage in a Q&A session and seek personalised advice and guidance.

DO NOT provide CPD points
Release Date
August, 2023
Kevin Mitchem