Importance of good documentation

Importance of good documentation
As future building designers, the skills you hone through your studies will allow you to visually communicate the construction of a building design on paper. The journey from concept to project completion is paved with various stages and the development and construction of buildings can be both a stressful and confusing process, as well as a rewarding one for clients and stakeholders. Having developed a clear brief, it’s useful to understand how the design, documentation and procurement of the building will progress. The plans and documents you produce should be seen as a legal agreement between multiple parties and treated with vital importance.


In this webinar, Peter and Jason will guide you through the importance of the documentation stage of the building process. Drawing on their wealth of combined experience, they’ll help you understand the primary objective of documents and records, which is to make the design (and construction) process smooth and stress free and how to go about that while minimising the risk of legal complications.

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Release Date
August, 2023
Jason Holmes and Peter Lombo