VIC Planning: Second Dwellings

VIC Planning: Second Dwellings
This session will delve into the recent modifications made to the Victorian Planning Scheme, focusing on the newly introduced 'small second dwelling' provisions.

These changes represent a pivotal shift in the planning landscape, offering new opportunities and considerations for developers, architects, and planners alike. Understanding these amendments is crucial for anyone involved in the Victorian property sector, as they may impact future projects and development strategies.

DMN Member, Ashley Thompson, with his extensive expertise and experience, will guide attendees through the intricacies of the new provisions, offering valuable insights into how they can be navigated and leveraged for success. The session will also provide a platform for questions and discussion, allowing for a deeper understanding of the implications of these changes.

This webinar is a must-attend for anyone working within the Victorian planning and development sectors. It offers a unique opportunity to gain expert knowledge on the 'small second dwelling' provisions, ensuring you are well-equipped to adapt to these changes.
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Release Date
April, 2024
Ashley Thompson