Spinifex is a brilliant example of urban living where constraint breeds creativity, and every square metre is a celebration of smart design. We’re taking you through a design that’s tailor-made for a modern family of two, poised for growth and a stellar example of what happens when you dare to think differently within a tight 371m² city block.

The brief was as challenging as it was exciting: create a family home that’s all about a bright and easy-going lifestyle, ready to evolve with the family, energy-efficient to its core, and savvy with the budget. Oh, and it has to look effortlessly chic while hitting a high NatHERS rating, packed with green features like solar panels and water tanks. Easy, right?

A Home that grows with you

Let's talk about the future-proofing genius of this place. It's designed with the same finesse as a transformer toy, capable of reshaping for new members, be they kids, guests, or maybe a furry friend. Flexible spaces are the name of the game here, with rooms ready to switch it up as the family’s needs change over time.

This home is a sun worshipper's paradise. Large windows, skylights, and cleverly placed reflective surfaces work together to pull daylight into every corner, bouncing it around like a soft, glowing orb. The result? A home that's as light and airy as a cloudless sky.

Keep it simple, keep it smart

Durability meets low-key luxe in a home that’s designed to look after itself. We’ve gone for materials that can take a knock and come out looking like new, inside and out. And because life’s too short for endless chores, the outdoor spaces are as high on style as they are low on maintenance—think entertaining-ready decks and garden beds that practically tend themselves.

Cool in Summer, cozy in Winter

Now, this is where the home truly comes into its own. It's a wizard at passive solar design, which means it soaks up the winter sun for free warmth and shades itself in summer to keep things cool. The orientation, the insulation, the whole kit and caboodle works together to make sure that the energy bills are as small as the home's ecological footprint.

Chic on a budget

Budget-friendly doesn’t have to mean skimping on style. This project is a testament to that. Every dollar spent works hard, from the construction techniques that make the most of every material, to the long-term savings from all those green features. It’s a masterclass in stretching your investment without snapping your style.


Good neighbour vibes

Here’s the kicker: this home had to play by the rules of the estate’s design book. It nods to the neighbourhood's aesthetic but also throws in a bit of a wink, making it stand out just enough to be interesting. It's about blending in and belonging without losing that spark of individuality.

Green is the new black

Solar panels aren’t just an add-on; they’re an integral part of the home's design, working in tandem with water tanks that catch every drop of rain. It’s about making every resource count, reducing reliance on the grid, and giving back to Mother Nature.

Crafting this kind of space within the lines of a modest plot was like solving a complex puzzle. It required a deft hand to arrange, organise, and ensure that each part of the home was purposeful, practical, and downright beautiful.

Every inch of this home has been considered, from the clever storage that tucks away the clutter to the vertical spaces that draw the eye upward, creating a sense of expansiveness. The result is a home that feels more like a sanctuary than a box, a space that breathes, moves, and thrives, along with its inhabitants.

This isn’t just a case study in making the most of what you’ve got—it’s a blueprint for living large no matter the size of your canvas. It shows that with a dash of creativity and a commitment to sustainability, you can craft a space that’s as kind to the planet as it is to your soul.

In a nutshell, it’s a home that celebrates its urban context, embraces change, and sets a new bar for what we should expect from our city sanctuaries. It's not just built for today but designed with an eye on tomorrow, ensuring that as life unfolds, the home is always one step ahead.

So, here’s to living large, no matter the size. To bright beginnings and smart endings. And to a home that’s more than a place to live—it’s a place to thrive. Welcome to modern living, where every detail is an ode to smart, sustainable luxury.

**Spinifex received a commendation at last year's DMN Building Design Awards for the Small House up to 150sqm category and can be viewed next Friday, 30 May at DMNs Guided Tour of Cape Paterson Ecovillage. This tour is free for members.