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Thermal Performance Assessors

Design Matters National is the largest organisation representing Accredited Thermal Performance Assessors (TPAs) in Australia. 

These Accredited professionals play an integral role in facilitating a more sustainable outcome in combination with design professionals to improve the energy efficiency of commercial and residential buildings throughout nationally.

Design Matters National is a NatHERS (Nationwide Home Energy Rating Scheme) Assessor Accrediting Organisation recognised by the Department of Environment and Energy and maintains optimum Accreditation education programs for TPA members.

The TPA dedicated helpdesk is available for members requiring assistance to navigate the technicalities of software to ensure informed and correct energy assessments.

We work closely with federal and state governments to advocate for, and ensure our members are supported to follow best practice and industry regulations. 

We have attached the NatHERS link of the new Assessors Handbook for you. https://www.nathers.gov.au/publications/nathers-assessor-handbook

This is a useful publication which explains a number of previously unclear rules.

To view our Thermal Performance Assessor Code of Conduct, please click here - Thermal Performance Assessor - Code of Conduct